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Focus on what you do have and live life without limits

The story of Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs,  is about those times in life when all we can see is the limits that seem to be in the way of having what we most want.  Limit One:  My spouse is a sex addict.  Limit Two:  I don’t know what’s going to happen to the happy home I so wanted.  Limit Three:  I have no idea what to do about these limits.

Got it.  

What’s going on in your marriage right now is NOT the end of life being good for you.  What matters is how you finish.  You can get back up.  You can love life again.  You can be happy again.   Your spirit is strong.  You might have lost the limb of the life you thought you had.  Yes, that’s sad and you will go through a process of coming to terms with that.  What I want you to know is if you focus on what you DO have and move forward you will be amazed at how the limits to happiness that appear to be real, will gently dissolve into moments when you feel good down to your toes.

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I forgot to mention… He only confesses after being caught! And now it seems that he lies more. For instance I have smelled the signs of self gratification in the shower which to me unmistakeable but, he DENIES BOLD FACE! We are barely intimate & only after I express my need after long periods of time! We have gone months… And months & on a few occasions over a year!

    • lmoison says:

      Jasmine, that is so difficult. Sexual anorexia, where an addict withholds sex from his spouse, is very common with sex addicts. It can feel very personal, like a huge rejection. I hope you know
      this isn’t about you and how beautiful you are, even though it may feel like it. Please do some things to take care of your need for touch. Hugs from good friends. Go for a massage. Take a bubble bath. Watch an inspiring or funny movie. Know you are loved. Laurie

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